We Make Marketing Easy.

Outrun is an ROI focused marketing agency.

We provide high-quality, trusted, tested & transparent services that drive sales and grow businesses.

Why Companies Choose Outrun

Increased Visibility

Most people find answers to their questions by using search engines. We put your business on the first page when someone searches for a service you offer, so you are their first choice.

Targeted Customer Growth

Growing your customer base is as simple as offering a solution to someone at the time they are searching for it. We make sure your solution appears when someone needs it most.

Increased Revenue

More visibility means more traffic to your business, and more traffic means more customers. Watch your revenue grow from a surge in new leads from our digital marketing efforts.

Mobile Optimization

There are more searches from mobile devices than from traditional computers and laptops now. We make sure your web presence is mobile optimized so you can reap the benefits of this reality.

Accountable Reporting

We provide daily reports and ranking updates so you can see the progress your business is making, while also keeping you updated about potential changes in the online landscape.

Tested Ingenuity

Outrun is partnered with the best internet marking experts on the planet. Our private society is constantly testing and providing the best strategies to keep your business at the top of the results.

Search Engine Domination

Ranking on the first page for a single search phrase can change your entire business, but we aren’t satisfied with that. We dominate search engines by ranking for multiple keywords.

In House Quality

Outrun provides in-house quality work combined with the maneuverability of a small firm. Don’t get stuck with a clunky marketing agency when it comes to something as dynamic as online marketing.

No Risk Contracts

We earn your business every month, so we work on month-to-month agreements. We don’t believe in ‘locking’ in clients to contracts. If you aren’t happy, you should be free to explore other options.

From Our Customers

Pete Maughan,

“As a law firm with multiple offices I am always carefully vetting SEO companies …Outrun is a company I trust and has helped us in our goal of having the best possible rankings…”

Megan Lee,
Marketing & SEO Entrepreneur

"Devin’s breadth of knowledge as a search engine optimization expert is impressive, and it shows in his results … He’s been a terrace mentor to me as I start out in the business, and you’ll find that he’s a very caring person … I wholeheartedly recommend him as one of the best SEO specialists in the business."

Dr Kurt Hausy,

"Outrun really knocked it out of the park. It's hard to find good work online, but Devin delivered as promised. As a dentist I was delighted to find someone with the same level of professionalism as I show my patients. Contact Devin [at Outrun] today - he'll do the same for you.

Leslie Goodyear,
Marketing Agency Owner

I’m neurotic about safety. I use Outrun services because its far more solid, tested, proven and more consistent than what I do myself. And, it saves time. So I can get back to what makes money – finding and selling new clients and building new projects. Seriously, these guys at Outrun are my secret weapon.

Hodges Karlin,
Business Owner

"Being a local business owner for the past 20 years I thought I had seen it all … we tried out Outrun & we now have a seemingly endless supply of customer leaders and are #1 in our locations!"