Guide: How To Effectively Rank Using Outrun Services

We created our own link building services for 3 reasons:  1) We knew about SEO strategies that link vendors simply weren't utilizing properly  2) We knew that if we configured and systemized link building utilizing these strategies we could seriously expedite our campaigns  3) It was all too common that big portions of delivered links were DOA. We wanted better quality, with ultimate control over our rankings, so we ended up creating our own solutions.

To resolve the problem of dead links, we made thousands of profiles across places on the web, and then developed our own software to check which profiles were frequently deleted by moderators. This allowed us to avoid using those profiles in our services to mitigate the amount of dead profiles created in our link building. That being said, profiles change all the time in how they act and there will always be some that don't work; the goal is to reduce that number as much as possible.

We then broke down an SEO campaign into different broad-level ranking 'stages', and configured our ideal link solutions based around each stage. This action has eliminated almost 99% of any analysis-paralysis in our SEO campaigns; we simply evaluate which stage a client site is in, and then apply our link configurations accordingly.

This guide will explain how we use stages of ranking successfully combined with our own services to get great results, and how you can do the same to start expediting SEO.

Services Guide Overview

  1. How to rank any site: Understanding phases of SEO
  2. Site scenarios you will likely come across and how to handle them
  3. Strategies we incorporate into our services (because it's important)
  4. How our services can be applied to any site, at any time to help rank no matter the scenario

PART 1: How To Rank A Site

After years studying SEO and collaborating with top marketers, as well as applying our services to hundreds of sites, we have seen great results with the following order of actions to rank a site (this is a concise explanation geared toward those who already understand core SEO. For a more thorough understanding of core SEO training we will be providing more info in a separate area soon).

We believe the best way to go about an SEO campaign is to look at it in a series of stages. This greatly simplifies a campaign and will help you understand which course of action to take and when to do it.​

Below are different ranking 'stages' that collectively will rank a site from scratch. (We call steps 1-3 'FOUNDATIONAL LINKS'. Foundational links establish authority, brand, keyword relevance, and safely poise your site for further aggressive link building, and are the primary focus of Outrun services). 

  1. Start building site authority and rank for brand keyword searches
  2. Do Citations to rank in local map results (for local business projects)
  3. Build more authority and start coding the site for keywords (thus connecting your brand with niche keyword relevance)
  4. Add power and more keyword relevance via links until rank as desired
  5. (optional) Continue adding content to increase keyword rankings as well as authority
  6. Extra SEO tactics

1. Start Building Authority & Rank For Brand

Google loves established brands. Ranking for your brand when you type it in tells you that Google recognizes that your site has enough authority and recognition to show up for your company name (MASSIVELY IMPORTANT). This makes sense as a natural progression of a new business: you are essentially announcing that you are open and promoting your shop telling people "This is my site at www.com, and this is it's name." After you make this announcement and Google recognizes it, you can start attributing keywords to your business saying, "This is my shop at www.com, it sells jelly beans." and then if you build enough backlinks and do SEO stuff then you can end up ranking for simply "jelly beans" which probably gets a lot of searches. Ranking in a nutshell.

Authority is also extraordinarily important: the more authority your site has (can be measured by Moz DA or Ahrefs DR) the easier and faster it will rank for keywords and new content. Also, you will have more liberties with the types of links you can point after establishing high authority. See here for Moz's explanation on how they calculate domain authority.


Actions to rank for brand:

  • Register Brand in search engines (such as Google Verified Business; Apple Maps; Bing... etc), authoritative directories (such as BBB; Chamber of Commerce)
  • Register business in top Social Platforms (Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; YouTube; Instagram)
  • Send high DA links to your website with Brand in anchor text as well as Brand in URL of referring domains

2. Do Citations to get into the Google local map results

Citations are a critical element of getting into the local map results if you are working on a local SEO campaign. It is best to have your main social profiles created before doing citations as you'll want to include links to your social profiles in the Citations that allow links.

Actions taken to rank for brand:

3. Build more authority and start coding the site for keywords (we're talking keyword coding via links here, not On-Page SEO)

After your site is established as a brand, it is time to start 'coding' it for keyword relevance for your desired keywords. For the example used earlier in the Jelly Bean business you can start hitting the site with links with 'jelly beans' in anchor text as well as in the referring domain URLs to start telling Google "Hey my site is about jelly beans." and Google will listen.

You can code your site for keyword relevance by:

  • Building links that have keywords in the referring domain URLs
  • Building links with anchor text that relates to your Keywords
  • Building links from websites with keyword relevant content, including Page Titles / H1 Titles
  • Building links from websites that have other websites (tier 2) pointing to them with relevant anchor text or keyword relevant content

Keep in mind that backlinks that are higher authority (higher DA, more referring links of their own etc) as well as high Trust Flow are considered more effective. This segways us into the next item of adding power..

4. Add power and further keyword relevance via links until ranking as desired

We consider steps 1-3 'foundational links,' which establish authority, brand, keyword relevance as well as poise your site safely for adding some more aggressive power (such as PBNs) if desired. Foundational links can sometimes be enough to rank alone for low-medium competition keywords.

It is considered quite safe that once foundational links have established brand and trust, power links can be applied to really boost your site in the rankings. Adding power is where SEO gets technical (despite the incredibly technical nature of getting foundational links done correctly...) Power is typically represented by getting backlinks from high Trust Flow sites, as well as backlinks from sites that have a high number of referring domains, or a combination of both. Getting links from strong sites such as these do wonders for Google rankings, but are hard to get naturally. This is where SEOs can choose to utilize PBNs or do White Hat link building. Note that White Hat is safe from the beginning, even without foundational links.

Power links can be utilized in 2 ways:

  1. Point the link directly to your money site (as long as the link is not penalized)
  2. Point the link to a social or web 2.0 property which acts like a safety buffer (very safe at the moment and quite effective).

The downside of option #1 is that you must understand how to properly link from power links without footprints. The downside of option #2 is that some power is lost through the 'buffer' site. This all being said, if you add enough power links you will rank for highly competitive keywords.

5. Create more content to rank for more keywords.

The more content you add to your site, the more keywords your site will rank for as it powers up. It is absolutely most effective to do this via strategic keyword research combined with proper siloing structure.

A powerful site that adds long, high quality content, properly created with silo structure and optimized On-page keyword placement will have much success ranking for many keywords. Sky is the limit (typically) to how much content you want to add in an ongoing SEO campaign.

6. Extra Items

We consider the 'foundational links' and power / relevance links the meat and potatoes of any SEO campaign. Doing these tasks alone will rank your site. That being said, there are slurries of other SEO tactics you have likely heard of that will help boost a site.

Some of these tactics are considered mandatory by many SEOs, however we have been finding much success using these quite sparingly. Many of these are considered advanced tactics so we at least want to highlight them to convey what is possible.

  • Social Signals: Considered a major ranking factor. Our strategy is to typically have an ongoing light drip of signals, with more signals done at the beginning of an SEO campaign. At the highest organization of SEO you may coordinate signals before getting links (this would be a very natural way for a link to occur - get attention to the website via social outreach, signals would follow, and then someone may be inclined to link to your site) but we don't do that because it's a giant pain in the ass 😛
  • Traffic: Traffic can be manipulated to a site via a few different services out there. Traffic has certainly shown to help, however we don't add traffic to all of our own projects and have seen rankings happen across the board just fine without it.
  • Tiered Linking & Link Wheels: We don't do complex tiered linking w/ GSA for the time being, however we certainly point PBNs to Tier 1 social profiles and 2.0 blogs for added safety, and this works well.
  • Create buffer sites: Sites that have relevant content - for example: make a simple site with keywords in the domain at a .info or other cheap TLD, power it up and then link to your money site. You can take this a step further by creating a .info domain with keywords in it, redirect that domain to a Weebly site or 2.0 blog, and then hammer the stinkiest links you can think of to the .info and this works while staying safe behind a couple tiers... We typically do not do this for our projects for the record.
  • Giving Google baskets of cookies in return for rankings - hasn't worked yet...

The point, is that the Extra Items help, but should be a much smaller focus and consume less time and energy of yours vs the 'foundational links' and power/keyword relevance links. If you simply do the following correctly, you will rank sites for even high competition keywords:

  1. Register for main social profiles, search engines and get business verified in Google
  2. Do citations and foundational links
  3. Add PBNs or White Hat links until ranking as desired.

PART 2: Site Scenarios

Even though each site you come across may need a large amount of technical work done to it, there are really only a few scenarios you will run across. It is EXTREMELY valuable to understand which tactics are best applied to each site scenario to eliminate guesswork and save time from analyization. Our services are aimed at assisting with link building, so we will not go into much detail about on-page practices or improving site performance, however we will mention them here to highlight 99% of overall scenarios encountered in SEO:

Site Scenarios:​

  1. New Site
  2. Established site with poor anchor text/backlink profile
  3. Established site with good anchor text/backlink profile
  4. Penalized site
  5. Sites also needing on-page, performance & content optimization

1. New Site

A new site needs everything:

  • Authority and Brand establishment
  • Citations / Map Pack ranking if for local Client
  • Additional authority and Keyword Relevance coding
  • Power after authority and backlink base is established

2. Established Site With Poor Anchor Text / Backlink Profile

This may be a site that is over-optimized for anchor text, or simply has a backlink profile that has highly irrelevant backlinks and anchor. This type of site may or may not be ranking for brand keyword searches (always the first check we perform), and of course you will want to do a penalty check.

If the site isn't ranking for brand yet, then it needs to begin with links that will establish it for brand keyword searches (just like starting from scratch with a new site). This can be done via high DA links with brand name anchor as well as brand in URL.

If it IS already ranking for brand, but perhaps has over-optimized anchor text, then you need to dilute the anchor text, which can be done by building links with naked URL and naked URL variation anchor, as well as more brand and generic anchor links. After dilution of anchor you can play around with adding power and further keyword relevance until the site ranks accordingly. 

3. Established Site With GOOD Anchor Text / Backlink Profile

If a site comes your way that looks like it has nice, relevant backlinks, as well as well diversified anchor text, and ALSO is ranking for brand, then it simply needs some more power and keyword relevance. 

A site like this is set up great for an easy SEO campaign as the site simply needs some added authority, power and keyword relevance. A great way to do this is to build links from high DA sites with keyword in the URL as well as keyword variation anchor text and then add power links with heavily targeted keyword anchor text.

4. Penalized Site

We're not going to go into explicit details on this as it can be quite a process, and typically involves link disavow and removal, as well as contacting Google... We are only going to discuss how our services help for functioning, non-penalized sites.

5. Site also needing on-page, performance & content optimization

Again, we are not going to dive into explicit details as this is better saved for another post, however know that in addition to any of the backlink profile scenarios above, you may also need, separately, on-page, performance or content optimization.

As these are all very important elements for SEO, backlinks still carry the brunt of the work in an SEO campaign.

PART 3: Strategies We Incorporate 

We deeply assessed fundamental, as well as advanced SEO capabilities/strategies when creating our services​:

  1. Keywords in URL of referring profiles
  2. Geo Tagging
  3. Utilization & Diversification of Custom Anchor Text
  4. Trust Flow Manipulation
  5. Link Grouping Leverage

Keywords In URL

Having keyword(s) in the URL of a referring domain is a major component of your site gaining relevance for keywords in Google. We made sure to allow you to provide custom username variations in our services so that for profiles that include username into the profile URL (via subdomain or page slug) you will get that added keyword or brand relevance.

Geo Tagging

For several of our services we will Geo Tag your images to give location relevance to your profiles. 

Utilization of Custom Anchor Text

Let's face it, a giant, giant chunk of SEO comes down to custom anchor text. The tricky thing about custom anchor text is where and how to get it, as well as how to control what the anchor text says, all while keeping in mind dofollow vs nofollow and diversification so you don't over-optimize, all while doing it efficiently.

Regarding custom anchor diversification, we came across many services that allowed us to provide a few keywords, and then they would build links that would have those keywords as anchors. However, for the most part it was clear they were using GSA or FCSnetworker or other software that would just blast those keywords over and over and at times made us a bit nervous that we would be over-optimizing; there simply wasn't enough control for us to get the diversification we desired.

Trust Flow Manipulation

Trust Flow... works. We have some unreleased studies on this so can't prove it to you right here in this guide, but it does. It's a thing. Yes, it's just a metric at the end of the day, but the way we figure it - Majestic spent a lot of resources to figure out TF so it probably represents something. If you think that metrics are just metrics, you need to take a step back and realize that metrics are derived from real calculations of SEO variables and these companies have invested piles of money to establish these metrics. If you get links from high TF sites, you will rank. This being said, Trust Flow does not pass through nofollow links, so there's ways to take this into account and make it work to your favor.

Link Grouping Leveraging

If you put a bunch of links into a profile, and power up that profile with a bunch of high TF backlinks, it will pass power to the other links contained in the profile. You can utilized this element to really leverage your power links.

PART 4: How To Use Outrun Services For Any Site Scenario & Phase Of Ranking

Here, we will list the phases of ranking needed, and then note which services can be used to address each phase of ranking.

1. PHASE: Develop initial authority and establish Brand (ranking for brand keywords)

​Services For This:
  • Outrun Anchor Boost -  The best first step in any SEO campaign to give your site relevance for your brand. The Anchor Boost includes 35 high DA profiles that utilize custom anchor text (mix of DF and NF). 'Anchor Template' options are provided that allow the Anchor Boost to be used for several different scenarios: Brand template creates brand anchor (with a few variations in the mix); Generic/Naked URL variation template that has a wide variety/use of Naked URL variations and generic anchor; Heavy Keyword anchor gives you a vast variety of keyword anchor to your site, however we recommend using the SEO Wrapper for keyword anchor as it features some incredible extra capabilities and is more heavily geared towards keyword coding your site.
  • Outrun Socials - If your niche is very competitive this is a great supplement to the Anchor Boost to help solidify your brand. 250 high DA profile links. Custom usernames are allowed, so just use your business name as the username and you will get a ton of relevance for your brand via having your brand in the referring domain URLs. This service adds a ton of trust and authority to your site - if you're not ranking for brand after the Anchor Boost, then this is a great service to solidify brand recognition in Google.

2. PHASE: Citations To Rank In Local Map Results

Services for this:
  • Outrun Citations (coming soon and going to kick major ass)​

3. PHASE: Develop further authority and keyword relevance

​Services for this:
  • SEO Wrapper - The SEO Wrapper is a unique configuration of high DA sites that hits your site with a ton of custom anchor text. However, the profiles are also interlinked with Link Grouping Leverage strategy, and configured in such a way, that you get a couple 'focus profiles' where you can send power links to and the whole network will get powered up with Trust Flow! This drastically cuts out guesswork when wondering where to send powerful links, and a small handful of high TF power links pointed to the focus wrappers nets you many, many high TF referring links. It ALSO interlinks in such a way that 90% of the profiles in the network have incoming custom anchor text from the other profiles, that code for both niche and location. This means that you buy the SEO Wrapper, get a ton of high DA sites that hit your site with custom anchor text, and all the profiles interlink to each other coding each other for BOTH niche AND location (or just extra keywords if you aren't using it for a local client) and then you can point high TF links to 2 places and it powers up the whole thing through strategic use of dofollow interlinking. It took over 4 months to develop and expedites our campaigns in a huge way.
  • Outrun Socials (with keyword focused username) -  It's ok if you've already done a round of Outrun Socials to solidify Brand Name - you can do another round and this time utilize keywords in the usernames and it will work quite effectively.

4. PHASE: Build Power

Services for Power:
  • Power Ups - We offer Power Up services for all of our things......   **** Powering up the SEO Wrapper is one of the most fun things (yes, fun) that you can do in SEO. Instant massive Trust Flow with anchor texts coming out of the walls. 
  • Outrun Auction Domain Links - These are auction domains of the highest quality and safety regarding perfect footprint control. We offer them at pretty insane prices compared to other vendors with the goal to offer affordable, high quality links as a thank you to those using our services (plus we make some money 😛   )

For us, our own services have drastically expedited our SEO campaigns. For low-medium competition keywords our services alone have been enough to rank sites to page 1, however for robust SEO campaigns you still need content creation and further linking strategies (Guest Post, PBNs, Givin


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