Outrun: SEO Wrapper


An EXTRAORDINARY Configuration Of Links, Interlinked, That AMPLIFIES Keyword Relevance, Builds Trust & Authority, And Leverages Power Links Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before.

Where to begin on this one.. 4 months of deep diving into high-authority web 2.0 profiles created this monster. This is a VERY special configuration of profiles that is a near one-stop-shop to get trust, anchor text diversification and massive keyword relevance.

Within the 50+ primarily dofollow profiles there are ~15 different ‘link wrappers’ that all contain different collections of profiles, and link to each other with 100% dofollow interlinking, using varying custom keyword anchor text to each other. The profiles all end up wrapped into a couple ‘Focus Profiles’ that you can hammer high TF links to and it will power up the entire network, and code all the profiles for your keywords from the interlinking. In other words, point a few high TF links at 2 or 3 wrappers and it will spread TF throughout all the profiles, leveraging your Power Links, and it works like a charm.

Slam power links to ANY of the other 15 wrappers and it will send juice throughout areas of the profile network.

We have different anchor text variations you can choose for the anchor focus to your money site. You have the ability to select Brand focus, Keyword focus, or generic anchor focus and we’ll plan anchor to money site accordingly.

We are very cautious to avoid over optimization so expect a LARGE variety of keyword anchors – none of this ‘pick 5 keywords’ stuff you see from other vendors…

This one took a LONG time to figure out. A very special product created by the guys at Outrun for the guys at Outrun.

Each SEO Wrapper takes 16 hours to complete by hand. Zero automation software used.

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