Outrun: SEO Wrapper – Power Up


The SEO Wrapper Power-Up sends high TF power throughout your SEO Wrapper.


  • A mix of around 8-10 PBN links (TF: 15-20+)
  • Drip fed over 10-21 days to look natural
  • Links typically remain on PBN homepage for long term
  • These are the exact links we use when powering up our SEO Wrappers
    (see this video for details)
  • DISCLAIMER: These links come from personal relationships partners we have worked with for over 2 years. These providers have a lot of experience with PBN links and have proven quality of service for us.
  • As these links are not from our own PBN, we do not allow specific niche requests, nor do we have control over the proportion of auction domains vs expired domains the links come from.
  • Power ups to wrappers have shown substantial increase in KW rankings, however we cannot guarantee specific rankings results that will come from this service (the standard SEO guarantee 🙂  ).
  • We recommend sending these only to your SEO Wrapper ‘focus profiles’ or Web 2.0s, as these links can have high amount of outbound links.


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