Outrun: Anchor Boost

$47.00 $37.00

  • 35 high DA links that utilize custom anchor text to help with your site’s anchor ratio needs.
  • Mix of DF / NF links
  • Customized to your preferred anchor text ‘template’ (brand heavy, generic/naked URL variation heavy, or keyword heavy).

How to Use: The Outrun Anchor Boost sends a barrage of anchor text to your site according to your ‘anchor type’ needed. This should be strategically used to either:

1) Help your site rank for it’s Brand (one of the first things you should ensure in any SEO campaign) via heavy Brand anchor type selection.

2) Help dilute over-optimized anchor text with a mix of generic as well as naked URL variation anchor (such as: ‘click here’ ‘visit site’ ‘website’ ‘www.example.com’ ‘www.example.com/’ ‘example.com’ etc).

3) You can certainly send keyword-focused anchor text (we provide wide variety of keyword anchor variations), however a better option for strengthening keyword relevance is the Outrun SEO Wrapper. It utilizes custom anchor PLUS keyword interlinking and dofollow leveraged power connection. It is the ultimate one-stop-shop link configuration that simplifies safe power linking & amplifies relevance (it’s a bit hard to explain but it works wonders – definitely worth checking out!)